mistik Amami-adalar xüsusi shochu

TABI shoes

TABI shoes

This item offer you comfortable walking time.

When you walk, you can feel relax and free to your feet.

The shapes of TABI have a separate division for the big toe and the othertoes.

The division sets your feet on land

The original footprint have been rounded out the result of many years of reserch, that gives you a grip works and be stable.

Those items are made in traditional TABI (Japanese style socks) maker.

And those are handmade by craftmans.

We use our items sailcothes(canvas) also made in kurashiki, japanese ancient city.

We recommend you TABI-shoes made in kurashiki with big confidence.


The material, sailcloth(canvas) is made by Takeyari which was established in 1888. Long established store.

Takeyari use high quality cotton, so you can feel comfortable on your skin, and getting better fit on your feet as you walk.

Very attractive beautiful weaving patterns.


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